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Vadofone 150 The Cheapet Phone in The World

Tenth Blog Written by Benjawan A. 4917777

Blog for NM 4407 Seminar in Broadcast and New Media section 2

Nowaday the Principles or basic of new handsets or mobile phone today still nothing more than Calls into / out, Camera. and format supports an MP3 (do not listen to it must be set ringtones). The remaining features will also fragmented by different brands and prices are set enables mobile users to receive / call. They want to find a few spare machines or second phone.

Because of this point and need then the Vodafone wireless industry has launched a new mobile phone models with the announcement that the mobile version of the mobile phone as a wireless. Cheapest in the world at the same version number 2 version called Vadofone 150 and 250, respectively.

That the cheapest in the world. Reports that it has been Vadofone 150 launch price is around 15 dollars, around 500 Thai Baht . For Vadofone 250 it’s cost not difference only 20’s dollars around 600 Thai baht.

Both versions are manufactured by Chinese manufacturer TCL familiar both well. For functions and features of both Vadofone 150 and 250 would be nothing much because of it cost. For Vadofone 150 its provide a small battery, it can stand by  more than 400 hours and 5 hours for communication. Monochrome screen size 96×64 pixels support communications with GSM 900/1800 SMS, Polyphonic ringtones that rare in this era, the vibration, set alarm, calculator and games through a 2 game controller buttons. Direction and the number 5 button to connect. Computer with a Mini USB port to the senior Vadofone 250 it comes with features and hardware upgrades to the next level. Consists of 128×128 pixels color screen size and a 1.45 inch increase from Vadofone 150 is the ability to meet contract protest FM radio with headphones Wllpaper change the main screen has. There is also the same as with Vadofone 150.

Finally if anyone of you looking for a new or second phone that doesn’t have much of function and feature I recommended Vadofone is another brand that should be your choice. According their concept “The cheapest mobile phone in the world” can be the major influence when decision.

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