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Review how to keep your privacy in social network like “FACEBOOK”

Eighth Blog Written by Benjawan A. 4917777

Blog for NM 4407 Seminar in Broadcast and New Media section 2

Today why I talk about “privacy” in this article because of internet world is change so fast. It never stop go beyond and development and become as innovation era. Then I wanna talk about privacy in social network as “FACEBOOK”

Reference the article from PANTIP .com they review how to keep our facebook’s privacy.

  1. Segment and separate people into group
    • Example Friend from Request, Friend from your Email, Friend from your phonebook and friend from suggestions. Moreover we can create new friend group and adds your friend into your group such as Hometown Friends, School Friends and etc.

  2. Adjust “NEWS FEED”
    • First of all separate friends into group and then when you wanna update your status or view other friend’s update it will show a symbol of master key then click it to select a group of people those can view your update and those you want see their update or feed such as Everyone, friend to friend, only friend and customize.

  3. Hide your information
    • Privacy Setting: you can adjust and customize what’s information you want everyone to see and what’s information that you don’t want to publish.

Finally I think that before sign or registration any online community we should find information and educate it before use. Because of internet world is every complicate and complex. All the danger turn to the internet world because it fast and mass then we cannot know where a danger come from. The better way to protect our privacy are don’t trust and be carefully

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