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GT200 Nvidia

Seventh Blog Written by Benjawan A. 4917777

Blog for NM 4407 Seminar in Broadcast and New Media section 2

GT200 Nvidia

Recently in Thailand, there was an issue about GT200 a bomb finder tool that seem doesn’t work well. From the 20 times testing, it found the bomb 4 time only which make many people curious about its performance and want the army to stop use it before many soldier would be harmed by it. Even though, it has poor performance but its price is cost around 900,000 Baht. Furthermore, if we check the transaction record of GT200, every times they bought, the price was always different which make many people more curious about it. Therefore, a few days ago, the military officer was held a press conference about GT200, the idea of that press is to tell the public that GT200’s performance is effective and trustworthy.

They use the slide show to show the picture of GT200 circuit board to show how it works. This might look good, If the circuit board that they show wasn’t a circuit board of Nvidia GT200 Graphic card from Nvidia company one of the graphic card producer which very famous in the global !!. After the press ended, the picture from this press was post around the famous web board on internet such as Pantip and a few hours later the video clip version of this press was post on youtube also with an English subtitle. Everyone seems to have fun on this failure of Thai army. However, in the next day, none of this news appears on the media in Thailand except the web board on the internet. I guess the media were controlled again for this time. Well, the GT200 issue still becomes hot topic on the internet that everyone of us can only pray that when it would be stopped using. However, this time we learn that at least Thai army can use google too.

Note: if you search GT200 picture on google you will get the same picture that was shown in a slide which belong to Nvidia Graphic card

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