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The Global Media Issues

Assignment: The Global Media Issues

Written by Benjawan A. 4917777 Section 402

Blackberry is the mobile device that was originally developed to be a tool for helping business people to be able to do a job all the time. It has function to instantly connect to Email and internet which can help business people a lot. Lately, they expand the target to general consumer and they developed an instant messaging for BB which is called BBM to penetrate the general consumer target. In Thailand, AIS is the first distributor, they use a celebrity marketing by giving BB to many celebrities in Thailand. When many consumers saw the celebrities use BB, so they started to use BB because the celebrities create this trend.

It prevailed to my culture because everyone around me started to use BB. It started to popular because BB create the strong social network which everyone in the network can stay connect together 24 hours. When one of my friends use it, they start to convince another. In conclusion, it become success because the BB user keep generate the word of mouth and always influence their friend to use BB.

I think BB quite affect my life, it make people have less face to face communication. For example, I was having lunch with my friend but both of them always chatting on BB which both of them was chatting together on BB. They said they was having a conference with other friends on BB so both of them have to chat on BB to stay connect with their friends.

I quite concern about BB, like I said it make people have less face to face communication but many of them seem to happy about chatting on BB. Nowadays, we can see many people chatting BB while walking ,crossing the road or even BB while they having a party at the pub. I think BB addicted is quite dangerous, it can distract people attention and make them more materialism, some kid who can’t afford BB by themselves ask for the money from their parent which I think it doesn’t right.

  1. Pink
    February 18, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    Peer pressure!

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