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The Dell “Treats” commercial

Assignment for NM 4407 Written by Benjawan A. 4917777

Blog for NM 4407 Seminar in Broadcast and New Media section 2

According to assignment I have to select and pick up one advertisement and analyze its visual, presentation, audio and content. So I think of one advertisement that I interest and think that It production, process, content  and it’s  concept is so great and nice to see and remember. It is The Dell “TREATS” commercial.

Dell is running  advertising under campaign “Treats”, a television commercial featuring factory workers singing the song “Lollipop”. The song is so cute and its song have a style that easy listen and soft.

For Visual part of this Advertising is so match in very direction. I think that Art direction in this ads is very professionals in this part because of color that they use even through mode and tone, contract of color are suitable to each other. Moreover every color that they use in this ads it can persuade and make audience remember.  However they still select color that match with their product color.

For Presentation part, In this ads its present about product’s message indirect but it use color, mood and tone, music and actor’s performance to send message to audience. It made people go along with ads not because of it was product advertising but it look seem that you watch music video or review song.

For audio part, this ads selected a song form 1958 “Lollipop” to be a theme song for ads. Its song is match to mood and tone of ads. Moreover this song id cute and easy to listening and sing along with ads when ads run on broadcast. Because of song is cute and easy to remember then it also easy to stall in audience memory and easy to recall a brand when heard that song.

For Content part of this advertising, It isn’t direct message to audience and consumer. But the content of this ads is simply and easy to understand. It could show audience how professional Dell are and what Dell offer to consumer and audience.

We can better educated consumer by learn what is there interest in present and tried to be with them. Close to consumer can help to understand them what they want. Moreover should understand and up to date about innovative product and new technology.

We can develop advertising beside hard sell by use easy but difference. Nowadays most of ads use direct message to audience. It made them feel that the product’s company care only their benefit and income. But turn to use indirect message to talk to consumer by  advertising.

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