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Hi-Def Era

Sixth Blog Written by Benjawan A. 4917777

Blog for NM 4407 Seminar in Broadcast and New Media section 2

Nowadays everyone supposed to familiar with the “Hi-Def” and “Blu-Ray” . Wherever you go or talking about display resolution of picture in movie, video and television. They will suggest and select Hi-def or Blu-Ray quality to be there choice. WHY???? Have you ever asked yourself.

In the past, We watch movie form videotape (VDO) that is an analog. The quality of picture isn’t good then we found another way for watching better quality and resolute of picture is ” VCD”. In that moment VCD was the best resolute for movie picture. People turned to select VCD more than VDO.  However evolution of media isn’t stop. It always find something better instead exist one. Then “DVD” is occur, people prefer DVD than VDO and VCD because quality and resolute is better moreover it is convenience. Because of DVD has more space than VDO and VCD to keep file.

When we watch DVD , we think that the quality is good and clear. However it’s not stop at DVD.  Because of  need and want  of people never stopped,then  Blu-Ray occurs to serve people satisfaction.  Now when you open DVD to watch and compare with Blu-ray, they think that DVD isn’t clear like Blu-Ray. Now when people talk about quality of picture movie they prefers to select Blu-Ray  as their first choice and share other.

As I write in this blog, we cannot knew and decision that which one that be an influenced between people satisfaction made media change and non stop go beyond or evolution of media made people changed their behavior of living.

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