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NAS the next thing that every house should have!!

Fourth Blog Written by Benjawan A. 4917777

Blog for NM 4407 Seminar in Broadcast and New Media section 2

Nowadays, the speed of internet in Thailand has been improved a lot, now we can finish downloading Bluray movie within 4 or 5 hours. Let’s imagine that you just finish downloading the movie and want to see it on your brand new LCD TV ,what you have to do is pull off many wires that connect with your pc then move your pc to the LCD TV and connect it with HDMI cable then can see your movie on a big screen and after you finish watching your movie you have to take your pc back to your desk to download another movie or play some internet. It quite complicated right but it won’t bother you anymore if you have NAS.

Let’s me introduce it first, NAS stand for (Network Attached Storage) it is a media storage that connect to your network. You can think of it as a hard drive for your network rather than a hard drive for just one computer, it will connect with your home network and every pc in your network will see NAS as a drive. You can use NAS to download a bittorrent too so you don’t have to open your pc all the time. NAS has a harddisk in itself and you can add more harddisk to it depend on the slot available. Due to its ability to connect to the network so if you have a HD media player that can connect to the network you can play the media file on NAS instantly so you don’t have to use USB or external harddisk to copy a file anymore.

From the research of Park Associate, it said “averagely the home user will have media file around 298 GB and it might increase to 898 GB in around 2010” and with the cheaper price of LCD TV so the home storage network like NAS and HD Media Player might have an important role in the future too.

  1. Pink
    January 7, 2010 at 10:25 am

    What s the price? It d be very cool to have one!!

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